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Our Services

  We provide following services  

 1. Dubai Visit Visa 
  • UAE Visit visa - 14 Days, 30 days, 90 days 

 2. A to A Visit Visa 
  • Airport to airport visit visa (omen exit)

 3. Dubai Job Guidance 
  • Dubai job guidance 

 4. Dubai Bed space 
  • Dubai bed space (We provide bed space all over UAE)

 5. Dubai Ok To Board 
  • Ok to board (All airlines)

 6. Air Ticket Booking 
  • Air ticket booking 

 7. CV Review as per UAE 
  • CV review as per UAE

 8. Dubai Job vacancy alert 
  • Job vacancies alert

 9. Dubai Business Setup 
  • Dubai business setup

 10. Dubai BAN removal guidance 
  • Dubai BAN guidance & remove

 12. Employment visa / Visit Visa Verification 
  • Employment visa / Visit visa verification 

 13. Labour Contract Verification 
  • Labour contract verification 

 14. Dubai Offer letter Verification 
  • Offer letter verification 

 15. Dubai MOL Contract Verification 
  • Dubai MOL contract Verification. 

 16. Legal Advice for employees 

  • Legal advice for job holders