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Airport to Airport Visit Visa

Let us walk you through the Airport to Airport Visa Change process. This blog is about the process through Sharjah Airport, however, the process in Dubai Airport is very similar. Here is your step-by-step guide.

It’s quick, it’s simple, and more importantly, can be done regardless of your nationality. It involves a flight usually from Sharjah to Muscat (Oman), and a flight straight back. Let us walk you through it.

Departure Process: From Sharjah

  • Head to the 1st floor for a section called “Hala”. Show them your passport and flight ticket. They will stamp your ticket with the words “Visa Change” and “OK to Accept Pax” – for that you will pay a small service charge of about AED 100
  • Head back to ground floor, to Air Arabia section for Check In, and receive your boarding pass.
  • Head for the eye scan first (next to check in area), then head up to immigration for the Exit stamp on your passport – the most important factor in this whole process.

Note: if you have overstayed your expired visa, you will need to pay the Overstay fines first.
That’s it. Head to your boarding gate and have a safe flight.

Now, you have an exit stamp from UAE, and your new visa can be applied.

Return Process: Back to Sharjah

  • If you departed to Muscat, get off plane and wait for flight back to Sharjah (If Kuwait or Bahrain no need to get off plane – return on same flight)
  • When you’re back at Sharjah Airport, you wait for your visa approval (if it hasn’t been approved yet)
  • If the wait is longer than expected there is a hotel for AED 250 per 12 hours – or you could always wait in the food court and waiting areas.
  • Congratulations, your visa got approved? Go collect it from “Hala”, and pay about AED 40 for printing.
  • Go get an eye scan then head to immigration.

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